Poor Baby "So Down On You" (video)

Poor Baby 'So Down On You' (video)
Tomorrow (December 2) sees Poor Baby, the increasingly prolific solo project from Too High Crew/WPP member Ryan Walter Wagner, drilling out his fifth EP of the year, What Kind of Parrot Dies? Just before the release arrives through Boat Dreams From the Hill, you can let Wagner expand your mind with a incense-waving Omnichord jam called "So Down On You."

The lo-fi psych tune is much less punkified than older Poor Baby work, focusing on Wagner's red-eyed falsetto and a blend of one-fingered keyboard melodies, scorched-sensimilla six-string work and various mellow-yellow backups from Melissa Gregerson.

You'll find the two blissfully blurring in and out of focus in the video for the track down below.