Poor Baby 'Rutland' (EP stream) / "I Can Really" (video)

Poor Baby 'Rutland' (EP stream) / 'I Can Really' (video)
Just last week, the ever busy Ryan Walter Wagner returned to his Poor Baby project to issue the I Want to Leave EP. Rather than actually leave, however, he's already back with a follow-up.

The EP is called Rutland, and for good reason. As Wagner explains, the two songs were recorded while working at Kelowna's Rutland Secondary School. "These two tracks are the result of me using a hole puncher, teachers desk, empty pelican camera case, empty boxes and a hanger among more traditional instruments to create these recordings," he said.

While in the school, Wagner also managed to crank out a music video for the EP track "I Can Really." It sees Wagner running through the hallway and doing some wall kicks off of some lockers.

Watch the video for "I Can Really" below and stream the Rutland EP via Boat Dreams From the Hill.