Pony Da Look Pony Da Look

Monty Python and Rowan Atkinson on psychotropic drugs meets Elastica and Joy Division stone cold sober. This is Pony Da Look’s first musical endeavour and, for the most part, one can tell from its rawness and cringe-inducing synth lines. Once one gets over the harsh synths, this band can and does rock in a brazen manner held back only by a lack of technical finesse. This group of cute female demons reminds me of the Shaggs in their approach, but their cockney accents conjure up scenes with the poor folk in Oliver Twist and My Fair Lady. Pony Da Look definitely has a very punk, DIY attitude but with very unconventional lyrics that tell bizarre stories. This recording is very raw and unrefined, but is in keeping with outsider culture from whence this music comes. I definitely sense potential in this band, as they sound original and very uncompromising; the only direction they have left is to get better. If they keep at it, I’m sure the next album will cause a stir in a very good way.