Ponies in the Surf A Demonstration

Boston’s Ponies in the Surf are a lovely little acoustic, psych-folk duo whose tender songs are melodic, catchy and laid-back. Camille and Alexander McGregor keep things very bare and simple on this sweetly enticing eight-song debut EP. The moods of the music often recall Donovan, Belle and Sebastian, Elliott Smith and Leonard Cohen, but there’s definitely a sexy French mystique behind it all that only adds to the fun. Topics include spreading love, putting down establishment cronies, thinking about philosophy and being happy, but what need do you have for seriousness when you’re immersed in the freedom of love? The breathy, nearly Peter, Paul and Mary territory of "More to Living,” is a peaceful and beautiful, though brief, standout. This would be the perfect album to play while sitting in a coffee shop, watching people walk by on the street outside. It’s an incredibly relaxing affair that’s lazy without ever being a drag. Recommended for the lovers. (Independent)