Polmo Polpo The Science of Breath

The Science of Breath is Polmo Polpo's sensational twelve-inch material, which was previously released exclusively through Audi Sensa, now compiled onto one CD, cushioned between atmospheric high frequency exercises in brevity. The four twelve-inch tracks used on the Science of Breath are "Oarca," "Acqua," "Rottura" and "Riva," each one a foray into conceptual, yet organic, dance tracks submerged in tumultuous waters, plummeting the listener into the sea canyons of dub, propelled by lap steel, cello and aortic dance rhythms. The Science of Breath at once straddles the line between minimal house and melodic instrumentals. It can be honestly said that there is no one else out there navigating the same sonic waters as Polmo Polpo. Who else would dare use lap steel on a house track and get away with it? By way of contrast are the intermediary ambient tracks "High," "Mid," "Low" and "Complete Breath" based on meditation breathing techniques by Yogi Ramacharaka, which the title and concept behind the album is inspired by. Close your eyes, breathe and listen. (Substractif)