Polmo Polpo "Riva/Rottura"

The much-anticipated latest release on Audi Sensa precedes a full-length on Substractif, which is due later this year. "Riva" is an exemplary track that brings a sunbeam of freshness to house music. Opening with vestiges of cello notes, a pulsing dance floor rhythm is followed by lap steel guitars that wail a song of longing for five minutes until a semi-fade occurs. Just when you think the track is about to end, "Riva" returns with a vengeance for a glorious five more minutes, this time followed by an army of vigorously playing cellos that are as imposing as anything out of Walt Disney's Fantasia. Says producer Sandro Perri about this piece, "I have imagined alternate possibilities for dance music, and it may be totally ridiculous and unrealistic to expect this stuff to be embraced by dance music people, but I really would like for it to be. Sonically, I am trying to create more levels of depth perception than what is normally found in dance records, because I hope that in some places there exist sound systems that can transmit this kind of density without it being overwhelming. But it will take an adventurous DJ to weave this music in with most other records." On the flip side is "Rottura," a brooding piece set to a steady beat that is characterised with layers upon layers of lap steel guitar notes infused with intoxicating dub effects. "The lap steel melodies of 'Rottura' are inspired by what I imagine siren songs to sound like: a call to an end. 'Rottura' is an attempt to weave dense, instrumental passages into the fabric of house music." This release is destined to make the listener break into a sweat, either in or out of the context of a DJ set, and the work of this artist is well worth the current buzz generated around the globe. (Audi Sensa)