Poirier Launches His Own Record Label

Poirier Launches His Own Record Label
As if Poirier wasn't busy enough pumping out his own tracks, producing and remixing other artists, not to mention DJing all over the world, he's now a label owner.

Called Also Records, the imprint will be dedicated to digital singles and thwarting Google searches.

Its first release is "ZiggyZa ZiggyZi" by L'Xtrmst.Zen, an imaginative take on the Quebecois folk classic "La Ziguezon." Traditional squeezebox rhythms and lively clapping end up meshing quite well with dancehall rhythm programming with a cumbia feel.

No doubt wanting to avoid any Franco-folk beef, the label takes an unusual step in disavowing any similarity to Quebec trad titans La Bottine Souriante's version of the same song.

While Poirier's mission statement is "one track, one good track, no fillers," there's more here than just that song. The snowy yet funky video for "ZiggyZa ZiggyZi" dropped in December and Poirier showcased the new tune at Montreal's massive Igloofest in January.

Poirier's press release boasts of "9,600 people dancing in unison" when the tune dropped; you can judge for yourself in the video below.

You can keep an eye on the label's Bandcamp for more releases throughout 2011.