Pointed Sticks Emerge with New Album

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jun 15, 2015

While the future of Vancouver punk icons Pointed Sticks seemed uncertain a few years back, the band formally make their return this summer with the release of a new LP. Thirty-seven years into their career, the act issue their self-titled LP on July 10 through Sudden Death Records/Northern Electric.

It's been six years since the band delivered their 2009 reunion LP Three Lefts Make a Right, and a press release says that this latest offering is filled with "über-catchy hits in the band's classic style." While song previews have yet to arrive, "You're Not the One," "Lovely Bird" and "Tin Foil Hat" are all said to be "amazing" new numbers from "Vancouver's punk/pop kings."

A new album had been teased as far back as 2012, right around the time that vocalist Nick Jones suggested Pointed Sticks' career might be coming to a close. At the time, the group had been prepping an LP under the working title Missed the Bus. Jones had further explained that their future was unclear, and thought a show at Vancouver's Rickshaw Theatre in November of 2012 could be their last.

"You're talking about a bunch of 50-year-old guys connecting once a year," Jones stated at the time. "And I think everybody feels we've maybe gotten out of it what we needed anyway. If that's the case, why not go out in style?"

In case you were worried about not hearing the material in-person, the Pointed Sticks play Vancouver's annual Khatsahlano street party on July 11.

Pointed Sticks:

1. La La La
2. You're Not the One
3. Broke
4. Lovely Bird
5. Tin Foil Hat
6. Skerabap
7. Impatient
8. Yesterday's Girl
9. Tsune's Song
10. Simply Nothing

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