Point Line Plane Smoke Signals

Point Line Plane is a trio that offer a little bit of everything in their complexity — post-punk, prog rock, post-hardcore, electronic stabs and general weirdness all take precedent in their carefully arranged, often epic songs and suites. Reigning supreme above it all is Point Line Plane’s worship of the lock-groove, as a heavy synth-and-drums interplay is the one common denominator throughout this, their sophomore album. Singer Joshua Blanchard’s caterwauling voice nears Dave Thomas and Gibby Haynes territory, but it lacks the playfulness and humour those two superbly demonstrated. In fact, it’s this very lack of humour that makes Smoke Signals sound a little too serious for its own good. However, this never takes away from it being a well-executed effort full of great musicianship and ambition. This is one the best albums Skin Graft has released in a while, and worth checking into. (Skin Graft)