Pluralone To Be One With You

Pluralone To Be One With You
Before Josh Klinghoffer joined the Red Hot Chili Peppers in 2007, the California guitarist enjoyed a career as a session/live musician for a diverse list of artists, including Vincent Gallo, Beck, PJ Harvey and bandmate John Frusciante.
But thanks to a decade of fronting his own band, Dot Hacker, Klinghoffer has been known for crafting hazy, gauzy, experimental music — even giving the Chili Peppers a more textural guitar sound.
On To Be One with You, Klinghoffer (under the moniker Pluralone) unfortunately fails to deliver anything nearly as riveting, artful or sonically pleasing, as the musician threads together a personality-free assortment of tracks that simply sound too bright, clean and crisp. The highlights come near the album's looser back half, as the moody "Mourning" and "Segue" show Klinghoffer cutting his vocals short to allow his instrumentation — including synthesizer, piano and tempered guitar — to properly unfold.
Unfortunately, there are simply not enough satisfying moments like this across the LP, as most of the songs aren't structured in a way to allow Klinghoffer's musicianship to reveal itself. Written over the past two years, To Be One with You suffers from a case of too much time and too money at your disposal, leaving the listener with a sterilized and sanitized version of Josh Klinghoffer. (Org)