Plastyc Buddha Our Friends Eclectic

All the songs on this recording were written and produced by the pair that is Plastyc Buddha — Stephan Parmentier and Pieter Verschueren. Not overly inspiring, there’s a monotone vibe throughout where the beat rarely deviates from three droning cords. Unfortunately, this makes the album a downer instead of its probable intentions to be a down-tempo, chill-out recording. This duo deserves credit though as there are no samples on the album; all the music is played by Parmentier and Verschueren, with Matthias Bastiaens assisting on guitar. It’s hard to know off the bat if Our Friends Eclectic is a musician-based recording because the presumed excitement of the musicians does not resonate. All is not completely lost though, as several tracks reassure us that this group has a discernible pulse — "Private,” "Ce Soir” and "So Beautiful Day” are three such noteworthy tunes. (Life Enhancing Audio)