Plants and Animals "The End of That" (video)

Plants and Animals 'The End of That' (video)
Montreal indie rockers Plants and Animals recently released their third album, this year's The End of That, and now the LP's title track has been given the video treatment. They're channelling some serious cheese in the new clip, which parodies old-school variety shows.

This one's not so family-friendly, though, featuring lyrics about cocaine and the host making some creepy advances on his back-up singers, but maintains all the hilarity. The director Joe Cobden offered the following statement about the video to NPR:

I like to imagine a really tacky Plants and Animals TV show. It's absurd. And in the cacophony of self-promotion and music videos coming from everywhere, everyone with their band and record to push, it's important to have a good laugh at it all, not take it so seriously. Plants and Animals want to make good music for a living. They have to make videos to promote their records. They're not cheesy careerists, they're excellent musicians. So we wanted to tackle that in a fun way.

He jokingly added, "Plus we figured we could do those amazing sets for, like, 20 bucks."

Watch the funny new clip for "The End of That" below.