Plants and Animals Return with New Song "Sacrifice"

It comes from an upcoming album set to arrive this year

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jun 11, 2020

Plants and Animals have returned with a new song. Titled "Sacrifice," you can take in the track with a lyric video below.

The Montreal outfit's latest comes from a new album due out later this year on Secret City. Plants and Animals' most recent full-length was 2016's Waltzed in from the Rumbling.

"This is a song about what people are willing to do for feelings of acceptance and quick tastes of happiness," the band explained in a statement. "The goal was to have two contrasting sections pushed up against each other with abrupt transitions between them. First there's this rhythmic cycle that's hypnotic and intense, with a vocal line floating through it all dreamy and unanchored. Then, pow, the clouds part and there's a chorus that's straight up easy. It's the clarity of hindsight. Relishing it. And maybe a bit cocky because then we go back to the crazy again. We love playing with tension and release. It comes with its own rush."

In 2018, Plants and Animals treated debut album Parc Avenue to a 10th anniversary reissue. Read our retrospective feature on the album.

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