Planet Smashers Mighty

The Planet Smashers haven’t put out a weak album yet, and Mighty, their fifth, is a continuation of the band’s consistently solid library. For some reason, their brand of poppy ska filled with harmonics and horns in counterpoint to the lyrics has never grown old for me. Mighty starts off like a typical Planet Smashers album, the first three songs, including one featuring Neville Staples of the Specials, are the Smashers doing what they do best. Like on past albums, there are songs that are so poppy and catchy that they get stuck in your head for days, but the Smashers also break out some new tricks in the latter half of the album, with songs like "Can’t Stop,” a folky harmonica-infused song, and "Recollect,” which slows the pace down a notch. Unlike other bands in their position, the Smashers are able to find new ways to make their sound interesting, and also infect your head with their damn catchy songs. (Stomp)