The Planet The You Absorb My Vision

The Planet The play songs heavily accented with ’80s new wave inclinations and are blended over sliced up arrangements and prog rock leanings. In other words, this is art rock in its far extreme. This is the second album from this Portland, Oregon band whose three members aim to make music to confuse the craze. Sick of being ironic for trendy’s sake, the Planet The strive to create progressive, dissenting songs. What they’ve ended up with for this album is 12 very strange tracks that go by rather quickly. Train of thought seems just as important as hitting the notes to these guys, and this gets pretty far into the art department, which doesn’t make it the most accessible music. But keep in mind that accessibility is the anti-thesis of the Planet The, so they’re succeeding in their artistic goals. It takes an acquired taste to warm up to this, but there are some nicely done, frantic breakdowns and freak outs to be found here that make it worthwhile. (5RC)