PJ Harvey Offers Up 'iTunes Session' EP

PJ Harvey Offers Up 'iTunes Session' EP
Earlier this year, beloved and eccentric English musician PJ Harvey let loose Let England Shake, a challenging and exciting song cycle that referenced World War One and tastefully appropriated melodies from Eastern radio and rock'n'roll classics like "Summertime Blues." The singer will keep plugging the set with her next release, a new iTune Session EP.

The seven-song EP, which iTunes issues online September 12, features four tracks off Let England Shake while also adding a few deep cuts from Harvey's celebrated back catalogue. On top of nouveau classics like "The Words That Maketh Murder," the singer-songwriter tackles "Angelene" from 1998's Is This Desire?, and "C'mon Billy" and "Down by the Water" from 1995's To Bring You My Love. An interview with the artist is also included.

iTunes Session EP:

1. "Let England Shake"

2. "The Words That Maketh Murder"

3. "The Last Living Rose"

4. "Written on the Forehead"

5. "Angelene"

6. "C'mon Billy"

7. "Down by the Water"

8. Interview