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This is yet another fine release from this German label that continues to explore and build within its signature sound. Jon Egeskov takes an ultra-minimalist set of clicks, slurs and whispery tones live in studio for improvisation. The extended duration of the five pieces allows a slow build that initially resembles the more clinical restraint of Ryoji Ikeda’s work before introducing overlapping and competing rhythms. By the last minutes of opener "Drum” the patterns take on a strange digital drum circle vibe seldom encountered in this airless environment. The real-time manipulation of minimalist elements subtly subverts a genre that usually derives strength and discourse through its dogged repetitions and slight variations. Egeskov’s background in jazz imbues a peculiar looseness to the wholly artificial noises, creating a head-nodding rhythm normally only derived from "real” drums and bass lines. More ephemeral sound clusters, or clouds, float in and out of range like horn players sidling up to the mic to take breathy solos, as in "Lion.” Whether this signals a new wave of "Funky Drummer” breaks due around 2025 remains to be seen. (Raster-Noton)