Pistol Grip Another Round

After releasing a stellar debut disc in 2001, Shots from the Kalico Rose, Pistol Grip are back to up the ante and prove that they’ve got enough energy and angst to keep kicking the shit out of anyone’s speakers. There are no roses or bubblegum and pre-pubescent love on "Another Round,” instead it’s a bittersweet dose of society’s darker side, the side that people tend to sweep under the proverbial carpet. After all, who wants to sing about the trials and tribulations of mortality, betrayal, degeneration of youth, and unwanted children? Obviously Pistol Grip are that voice, unafraid to sing about the things that most look away from, and perform it in a manner that cannot keep you from listening. The 13 tracks, reminiscent of early Orange County hardcore, are fast, furious, and catchy as hell. Who would have thought songs about misery would feel so good? (BYO)