Pissed Jeans "Romanticize Me" (video)

Pissed Jeans 'Romanticize Me' (video)
Who would have thought Pennsylvanian punks Pissed Jeans' dour jams would score an ice skating routine so well? Judging by the twisty moves a male skater brings to the rink in the new video for Honeys number "Romanticize Me," the team-up's a perfect 10.

It all starts off with a late-night worker filing pairs of skates and cleaning out the bleachers, but the dude quickly gets into his ebon unitard to deliver precision salchows and spin moves. Contrasting the lazy lug detailed in song itself, a gloomy fist-pumper that sounds something akin to Black Flag circa Stick It In, we see the skater perform his very best. A twist at the end of the video suggests that the expertly performed moves may have been a bit too perfect, though.

Check it out down below.