Pink Nasty Mold the Gold

For Sarah Beck to shake the stigma and stereotype of the singer-songwriter thing, she certainly needed to go above and beyond on Pink Nasty’s debut, Mold the Gold. Accordingly, the album features a speedy rocker, "Away Message,” plodding ballads, "Danny” and "Don’t Ever Change,” plus an Emergency & I-like, melody-powered, jam-out atmosphere. The highlight is the title track’s entire chorus. More than one hook almost glosses over the kitschy subtexts but the verses can play dead for repeated listens before really serving a backhanded, elegantly scribed pink ace like, "Did I do something to make you change the way you think about me?” That’s the sweetest vein of frustrated belligerence in America! Shame on you, America! Apologise! Soon enough, writers and fans alike mistaking Pink Nasty for boring guitar pop are bound to "take it back.” (Independent)