Pink Mountaintops "Shakedown" (video)

Pink Mountaintops 'Shakedown' (video)
While you can cram so much more info onto a smartphone, there's something quite beautiful in the simplicity of a vintage Sony Walkman. With this in mind, the no-nonsense music player is getting saluted in the new video for Pink Mountaintops' Get Back track "Shakedown."

The clip starts off with a woman (played by NSFW photographer Mandy-Lyn Antoniou) grabbing a cassette of her favourite Stephen McBean project to help pass the time with her headphones on. As she makes her way around town via various public transportation systems and her very own feet, you'll see McBean making his escape from an extra-hungry, IRL Pac-Man. There's also see some textured footage of J Mascis throwing down a screeching solo atop the track's punky approach to Psychedelic Furs-styled rock.

You'll find Pink Mountaintops' "Shakedown" in the player down below.