Pink Mountaintops "Closer to Heaven" (live video)

Pink Mountaintops 'Closer to Heaven' (live video)
Last fall, Pink Mountaintops leader Steve McBean hinted that the project was potentially offering up a follow-up to 2009's Outside Love by summer 2012. It's unknown at present if the Vancouver singer-songwriter managed to lay down the new album with former Delta 72 member/current Cat Power collaborator Gregg Foreman on keyboards as planned, but it's safe to say that the album has been delayed.

On the bright side, it looks as if McBean has enjoyed a bit of activity with the project. In August, he played an outdoors show at the home of Family Band's Kim Krans and Jonny Ollsin in Upstate New York, and you can catch an acoustic performance of Outside Love number "Closer to Heaven" down below.

McBean tenderly picks at his six-string and croons the cut for some hippie-ish folks, but amps up the tune with some paint-peeling distortion by song's end. The extra sonic push apparently didn't harsh anyone's mellow.