Pinback Launch Videogame to Promote Autumn of the Seraphs

Pinback Launch Videogame to Promote <i>Autumn of the Seraphs</i>
Thanks to the guys in Pinback, the relationship between indie rock and videogames keeps getting stronger. The Faint kick-started the trend two years ago with their self-effacing Dropkick the Faint game. Then Built to Spill set up a one-on-one game against front-man Doug Martsch a year later.

To promote the release of Autumn of the Seraphs (in stores on September 11), their follow-up to 2004's Summer in Abbadon, Touch & Go has designed a game where you can now be Pinback - either Armistead Burwell Smith IV or Robertdale Rulon Crow Jr. - and battle menacing fish with your scribbled speargun while you try and bring the young firefly home to safety. It's basically a prettier, indie rockier Space Invaders. Enjoy!

Pinback "AFK"