Pigeon Hole "War Drums" (video)

Pigeon Hole 'War Drums' (video)
Known to many as members of Sweatshop Union, Victoria rappers Dusty Melodica and Mr. Marmalade also make music as the duo Pigeon Hole. Following 2013's Chimp Blood, they've now got something new in the works, and they've rolled out a new video for "War Drums."

The track lives up to its title with an intro of rat-a-tatting drumline snare. This is quickly anchored by a thumping beat, which sets the foundation for a brash rap banger full of blaring synth-brass. The accompanying video is a frenzied affair, as we a strobe-like barrage of lyrics, black and white images of the rappers, retro cartoons and mushroom clouds, while an older gentleman pa-rum-pum-pum-pums on his drum.

Watch the video premiere below.