Pierre Berthet Extended Loudspeakers

Recordings from installations are inherently compromised aesthetic experiences. Without the visual physical/geographic/architectural context, much of what informs them is absent and the audio component sometimes doesn't hold up on its own. That said, audio documentation can still be worthwhile, as in the case of Extended Loudspeakers. To understand how the sound was generated from speakers inside suspended jerrycans wired together, go to the artist's website ― fascinating. "Part One" bristles with acoustic life ― a sound like a ball circling a roulette wheel is gradually joined by disembodied tapping from different points in space. "Part Five" is serenely meditative, like a voiceless mantra from a mystic's chamber it hovers as it gradually evolves. "Part Seven" is eerie and enchanting. Long drones sound like an Indian tamboura with a whammy bar. Those interested in installations and audio art should find this worth exploring. (Sub Rosa)