Pierre-Andre Arcand Le Livre Sonore

Arcand is a Quebec multi-media installation artist who has created a bestiary of music making machines. As a sound poet, he literally uses microphones as writing tools. The resulting sound sculptures will enthral connoisseurs of noise as Arcand creates, documents and writes pure composition with a vengeance. He builds layers of scraping, scratching and tapping into the cohesive rhythm of “The Return of the Carriage,” before gradually subdividing it into polyrhythmic units. While the up-tempo percussive pointillism of “The Circle of Drums” clarifies Arcand’s methodical madness, it’s in the agitated inspiration of “The Beasts Are Waiting For Us” or “A Quarter to Three, Ankékail Time,” that Arcand generates a soundtrack to accompany images of a naked robot energetically brushing its teeth. (Ohm éditions)