Photek Hits the Decks for 'DJ-Kicks' Mix

Photek Hits the Decks for 'DJ-Kicks' Mix
British drum and bass master Rupert Parkes is best known for his work as Photek, the moniker under which he's released two decades' worth of material. After a brief dry spell, Photek returned with a handful of EPs last year, and with the momentum going, the producer will now try his hand at a mix for the DJ-Kicks series.

Aside from multiple Photek compositions, the mix also includes material from Kromestar, Hot Toddy, DLX, Marco Effe and Sepalcure, among others.

In a press release, Photek offered up the following explanation for his choices:

I wanted to create one of those classic listening experiences. With a mix like this, you can either bang it with the most current dancefloor tunes, or you can put a theme into it, or you can make it a journey. I was thinking about the classic LTJ Bukem mix tapes that I first came across in '92 and '93 and how epic they were. There was such a range of styles on there, they were so timeless and had real character. They had some personality. That's what I wanted to capture with my DJ-Kicks mix.

Photek's DJ-Kicks mix will be available on March 26 in the UK via !K7 Records.


1. Photek "Azymuth"
2. Kromestar "In 2 Minds"
3. Hot Toddy ft. Ron Basejam "I Need Love" (Morgan Geist's Love Dub)
4. DLX "Modern Man"
5. DJG "Here Comes The Dark Lights"
6. Dustmite & Kuru "Bare"
7. Photek & Pinch "M25FM"
8. Photek "No Agenda"
9. Baby Ford & Eon "Dead Eye"
10. Marco Effe "Sexgas" (Arnaud Le Texier Remix)
11. DJG "Say Something"
12. Guy J & Miriam Vaga "No Under But You"
13. Daze Maxim "Tomorrow Universe"
14. Sepalcure "Taking You Back"
15. Photek "Levitation"
16. Photek & Kuru "Fountainhead" (Dj-Kicks)
17. Synkro "Look At Yourself"
18. Photek "101" (Boddika's Drum Machine Remix)
19. Parxe & Grincheux "The Art Of Nothing pt.1"