Photek Returns with New Album

Photek Returns with New Album
Drum and bass titan Rupert Parkes has used his Photek moniker to push the genre forward for an astonishing 20 years. Despite a five-year dry spell on the full-length front, however, the artist is set to return with a new release this fall.

The album is called Ku:Palm, and marks the artist's first long-player since 2007's Form & Function Vol. 2.

While many scene veterans might express disdain at the current rise of EDM, a press release sees Parkes showing some love for the state of electronic dance music.

"I just really like how diverse clubland is in 2012," he said. "It seems like everyone from the old school to the newbies are open to anything — and that is a place that I feel very comfortable. I had to take some time out for a few years as I just didn't feel like my music fitted in, I was like a square peg in a round hole — and then the last few years completely changed, there's a real freedom and excitement in bass music once again."

He goes on to promise that Ku:Palm will work just as well in your headphones as it does while blasting through a club's sound system.

Ku:Palm will be available on October 23 via the artist's own Photek Productions. The tracklisting is available below and the cover is up above.


1. Signals
2. Quadrant
3. Aviator
4. Pyramid
5. Shape Charge
6. Munich
7. Quevedo
8. Mistral
9. Oshun
10. Sleepwalking (ft. Linche)
11. One Of A Kind
12. This Love (ft. Ray La Montagne)