Phonique Good Idea

Phonique and Alex Krüger (Dub Taylor, Korsakow, Tigerskin) have put together a great record. Good Idea is an album full of tech house collaborations with a large array of guest vocalists rivalling the number of names on most hip-hop records. Spanning a wide spectrum of sounds, from electro-house to minimal and nu-disco to hip-hop, there is a surprising and well-defined sound to the songs. While it all chugs with quirky four on the floor beats, the cuts that stand out are the songs with vocals, especially "Casualties” featuring Orland Oye and "Roses” with Data MC and Marc Hype. The strongest track of all is "Computer Kidz,” with raps by MC Shadee, it’s an entertaining take on Pong addicts and subsequent generations of children hypnotised by the flashing lights on their video screens. This two-disc set is complemented with a mixed CD that sounds like a glimpse into Berlin after-hours. Good Idea is just that. (Dessous)