Pholde In Accordance With Conscience

The most intriguing thing about Pholde is the process by which the sounds on In Accordance With Conscience are made. Detailed in the accompanying note, all sounds are made "using metal of different tensile strengths by bowing, rubbing and scraping them with other metal objects. Certain objects used are circular saw blades, car springs, iron meshing and fan blades. These objects are then bowed and rubbed with threaded metal rods, angle iron, blocks of steel and hand files." The end result is a dark and heavily moody ambient soundscape that is cavernous in most senses of the word. Listening to the disc, ones feels the sense of travelling through a series of interconnected underground caves, some cathedral-like in their echoing, others more claustrophobia-inducing. Cool and alienated, spelunking with Pholde means a slow and sometimes spooky wander through the darker recesses and tunnels of consciousness. (Panta Phei)