Phoenix Thunderbird "Economic Life" / "Mirrored Mind"

Phoenix Thunderbird 'Economic Life' / 'Mirrored Mind'
Vancouver's Phoenix Thunderbird last left listeners with their side of a 2013 split 7-inch with Girlfriends and Boyfriends, but the band are now doubling down with a new two-song single. You can catch their thrash-and-synth attack online now.

First up is "Economic Life," a palm-muted fist-pumper that has singer/guitarist Jordan Ardanaz seemingly plenty pissed about something. Judging by the lyrics, his anger might be directed at sketchy opportunists in the industry with "the look and nothing to say." Soothing his savage speech are a few wobbly New Wave keyboard lines that fall in line with the band's self-described "Gary Numan-isms."

"Mirrored Mind" is even more metal-minded, with its double-time thrash beats, trilled-out licks and despairing lyrics.

You can hear both cuts below, and pick them up on Bandcamp.