Phil Minton No Doughnuts In Hands

The human voice in recorded music can be at once connecting, as every millionaire pop artist can attest, or threatening, as anyone who has ever tried venturing remotely out of their comfort zone can relate. Death metal vocalists and Tom Waits aside, of course. Phil Minton looks way less threatening than either but has one of the most astounding ranges of vocal techniques on the planet. This 32-track CD is a virtual tour de force of growls, babbles, roars and sounds you would expect from an industrial site rather than soft tissue. Minton’s voice manages to astound, splitting itself into three in some cases, and can evoke howls of laughter while doing a fair impression of Donald Duck on crack. This combination of superlative techniques and a strong sense of humour make this offering more than simply an esoteric jaunt. There is music in these miniatures and even though the technique sometimes gets on top of things, Minton makes it all make sense. (Emanem)