Pheek En Legere Suspension

Jean-Patrice Remillard, aka Pheek, has been active in electronic music since the mid-’90s when he began to DJ and host his own radio shows in Sherbrooke, QC. Pheek’s career really moved forward after he moved to Montreal and worked with Hautek and met Eloi Brunelle, joining the Epsilonlab media collective. Both of his releases for Epsilonlab, 2002’s Paysages Matriciels and Les Autres Promeneurs, released in 2004, were nominated in Quebec’s prestigious ADISQ music awards. Shortly afterwards, Pheek got the attention of Richie Hawtin’s Minus, who added JP’s track "Le Plan B” to the Minimize to Maximize compilation. In 2006, Pheek blew up with no less than eight original releases (twelve-inch and full-length) and three remixed efforts. His latest album, En Legere Suspension, is a return to his dance floor roots. The most distinct feature of this album is the phenomenal bass work, which is deep and syncopated but not at the expense of the compositions. Far from being just a beat and bass workout, Pheek takes the time to create a sonic palette that is layered and has tremendous dynamics. It’s the interplay of the noises and the way that one idea leads to the next that shows Pheek’s true brilliance as a sound designer. "Ceci N’est Pas Mon Corps” and "Tew Tew” stand out because they are like micro sound takes on the starkest days of early bleep tracks, while "5am (little surprise)” is my favourite track on this record because of its depth and the atmosphere it creates. (Archipel)