Petition Launched to Boot Riff Raff and Hip-Hop from Warped Tour

Petition Launched to Boot Riff Raff and Hip-Hop from Warped Tour
Feeling that the sanctity of the Vans Warped Tour is being threatened by this year's roster inclusion of hip-hop weirdo Riff Raff and fellow rapper Kosha Dillz, a group of punk fans has started a petition to kick the acts off the travelling "punk" festival.

A group calling themselves "outcasts" recently started up the petition on, demanding the hip-hop acts be stricken from the bill. The rationale is that these artists will appeal to crowds that will "tease" regular Warped showgoers, apparently.

"Vans Warped Tour has been a place created for outcast kids to go see their favorite bands play, it is a place for kids who have been teased for liking those bands who are up on those stages," the post reads, adding that bringing Riff Raff along "would be inviting those people who put down rock music and the people who listen to it."

It adds: "You may think adding these rap artist to the line up is a good thing, but think of all the people who are going to be hurt by you adding these artist to the line up." 

The message goes on to say that festgoers have reportedly already refunded their tickets in protest.

While rap is apparently not welcome at the Warped Tour, the protesters are pretty cool with "pop punk, rock, metal, screamo, techno" and more. Just not rap. There is a solution, though, with the group making the suggestion: "If they form a heavy metal band than they are 100% welcome, until then GET THE FUCK OFF!"

While the petition, which has yielded over 280 signatures, seems intent on kicking Riff Raff and Kosha Dillz off the tour, it should be noted that the former is currently prepping a rock album called The Purple Panther. If Riff Raff breaks out the neon rock cuts, maybe everything will be all right!

It should also be pointed out that despite the protest, the Warped tour has done just fine bringing out rap acts like Shad, Talib Kweli, Gym Class Heroes, the Black Eyed Peas, Jurassic 5, Ice-T, Eminem and many more throughout the years. To be fair, Eminem kind of got pelted by a bunch of lemons while playing a 1999 tour stop in Vancouver, but you get the point.

As previously reported, Warped Tour begins making its way across North America in June and will stop by Toronto on July 17. You can check out this year's lineup here.