Peter Zummo's Arthur Russell-Featuring 'Zummo with an X' Gets Reissue Treatment

Peter Zummo's Arthur Russell-Featuring 'Zummo with an X' Gets Reissue Treatment
Considering the number of Arthur Russell retrospectives in recent years, its only fitting that his longtime collaborator and friend Peter Zummo will also be getting the reissue treatment. The trombonist's 1981 album Zummo with an X prominently features Russell, and it will arrive in remastered form on June 12 via Optimo Music.

Optimo co-founder JD Twitch said in a statement [via The Quietus], "I first discovered Peter Zummo when I first discovered Arthur Russell. I kept hearing that trombone sound throughout Arthur's music and through scanning through various label credits made the connection that this Peter Zummo character was a constant collaborator with Arthur."

Russell's cello appears throughout Zummo with an X, which was recorded as a trio with Bill Ruyle on tabla. This 180-gram vinyl version will mark the first time the album has been available on wax since 1985.

At the bottom of the page, hear an eight-minute extract of the 20-minute "Song IV." Assuming that the songs contained on the reissue are the same as on past pressings, the tracklist is below.

Zummo with an X:

1. Song IV 2. Instruments: I. Half-Steps
3. Instruments: II. Sixths
4. Instruments: III. Whole Steps
5. Instruments: IV. Sevenths
6. Instruments: V. Chromatic Fourths
7. Instruments: VI. Unisons
8. Instruments: VII. Four Notes, Large Intervals
9. Lateral Pass: I. Sci Fi
10. Lateral Pass: II. Slow Heart
11. Lateral Pass: III. Song VI
12. Lateral Pass: IV. Song IV