Peter Parkers This Is Sity Music

Though often pigeonholed as part of a flourishing shoegazing/dream pop scene, Monction’s the Peter Parkers do not attempt to recreate the sound of any past Creation Records artists. Forming back in 1995, the band has finally released their debut album, This Is Sity Music — a noisy collection of swirling psychedelic guitars, colourful feedback and underlying melody. Taking cues from noise experts Mercury Rev (circa the David Baker years), the Peter Parkers indulge in sonic chaos during "Can You Feel Me?,” the eye-opening, ear-deafening beginning to the record. Squealing their guitars and beating the drums to death, it certainly prepares the listener for whatever comes next. What does follow is an assortment of pulsating rhythms ("Kill The Economy”), ambitious buzzing ("Ghostown Belle (Fast Love)”) and washed out white noise ("On The Knife’s Edge Of Abandon And Control”). The album reaches a zenith with the contrasting pair "Damaged and Dangerous (10 o’clock Scotch)” and "Wrong Guitar.” The former suits an audition for a spot on the Dischord roster, spitting out shouty punk rock amidst a wall of drone, while the latter shows the band’s gentler side, serving up a welcome slice of slow-core. Though it’s been eight years in the making, the wait’s been worth it. (Independent)