Peter Gabriel's New 'Snowden' Song Is a Bit Much

BY Josiah HughesPublished Sep 15, 2016

Remember those corny theme songs from movies like Wild Wild West and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles where rappers would specifically and painstakingly describe the plot? Welp, Peter Gabriel just made an adult contemporary version of those for Oliver Stone's disappointing whistleblower flick Snowden

The song's called "The Veil," surely a reference to the veil that has been lifted by Snowden's efforts. But it gets even more heavy-handed than that as Gabriel over-enunciates lyrics about "an ocean where the data flows."

From there, Gabriel offers some seriously literal lyrics about leaking stories and whether Snowden is "an American hero or a traitor who deserves to die."

"There's no safe place to go / Now you let that whistle blow," he sings.

The song is paired with visuals from Stone's movie, and the whole thing comes across like something that'd appear on one of those fake Banksy Twitter pages.

You can lift the veil on subtlety and get extremely woke by watching the video below.


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