Peter Bjorn and John "Breaker Breaker"

Peter Bjorn and John 'Breaker Breaker'
We've known for a while that Peter Bjorn and John would be returning this year for their follow-up to 2009's Living Thing, but it's only now that we're getting our first taste of the new record. This year's LP is called Gimme Some and it now has a first single, "Breaker Breaker," which the band have uploaded online.

The track doesn't break the two-minute mark but it does live up to claims that Gimme Some would be a "pure pop rock album." Download or stream "Breaker Breaker" in the SoundCloud player below and feel free to watch its newly released music vid down there as well.

Peter Bjorn and John's Gimme Some will be delivered March 29 courtesy of StarTime International.

Breaker Breaker - Free download! by PeterBjornJohn