Pet Symmetry Pets Hounds

Pet Symmetry Pets Hounds
Don't let the name or the goofy cover shot of Fake Problems' Chris Farren fool you; Pet Symmetry are as serious as a heart attack. Or, at least, a minor heartbreak.

Pet Symmetry's members put a modern spin on the late '90s emo and indie rock sound, unsurprising given their pedigree — this super-group is made up of members of emo revival darlings Into It. Over It., Dowsing and Kittyhawk. Though clearly a collaboration, the power trio can't mask Into It. Over It.'s Evan Weiss's voice, which shines through on each of these ten tracks. Like Weiss's other supergroup, Their/They're/There, the prolific songwriter puts his stamp all over these proceedings.

Erik Czaja and Marcus Nuccio are no slouches in the songwriting department, though, finding plenty of room to manoeuvre inside that box. Weiss provides the shape, but Czaja and Nuccio play a large role in honing these ten tracks, stripping them down to their bare hooks. The cacophony of sound that opens lead single "Give Thanks (Get Lost)" is perhaps Pets Hounds' only moment of aural indulgence.

A record filled with fast and loose performances, Pets Hounds is as informed by power-pop as it is by Cap'n Jazz. Listeners who long ago made up their mind about the current crop of heart-on-sleeve sad sacks shouldn't let Pet Symmetry's members' day jobs deter them from an album that manages to overcome genre trappings, both real and imagined. (Asian Man)