Perishers Victorious

Sweden, arguably, is producing some of the finest music in the world right now. Jens Lekman, El Perro Del Mar, Jose Gonzalez, the list goes on and on. However, even though the Perishers are Swedish, they are nowhere near the same level of great music as the above artists. I think the word "pap” is a much better description than pop. Well, maybe I’m being a bit harsh, as there’s nothing inherently wrong with their music. "My Own” ambles nicely and the title track does make a toe or two tap but this whole endeavour is just so bland that nothing demands attention, let alone admiration. There’s a reason this band soundtracks soft-focus, angst-y dramas on the CW — when they provide back-up to two unnaturally beautiful young actors kissing or looking forlorn it feels like their music has weight. Without the visual aids, this is about as relevant and interesting as High School Musical. (Nettwerk)