Perfume Genius "Dark Parts" (video)

Perfume Genius 'Dark Parts' (video)
Seattle singer-songwriter Perfume Genius (aka Mike Hadreas) wrote tender piano ballad "Dark Parts," off his recent Put Your Back N 2 It, for his mother, so it's only fitting that the pair appear together in the track's new video clip.

The adorable family-bonding session starts off with the performer and his mom, Carmen Hadreas-Boggs, playing with some puppies, and adds other wholesome activities, from a game of Scrabble to an interpretive dance party around a bonfire, before the two hug it out in the forest. It's short, and especially sweet.

As an aside, freeze-frame fanatics may notice a couple questionable word choices on that Scrabble board. Spoiler: Korn isn't listed in Merriam-Webster's.