Pepe Bradock Synthese

The credits don't mention anything about vocalists, but the jazz house textures of Synthese are rich with voices — wailing, seducing, or just chanting "dancin' dancin' dancin'." The sweet tones suggest that Pepe Bradock has got a massive collection of late ‘70s and early ‘80s funk records at his fingertips, but they also point to his humanly melodic touch for the pulse of his beats. He brings guitars into the mix in a similar way, giving the full range of emotion from that disco wah-wah ring at one moment and a Hendrix-wise scream in the next. The tempo is mostly for house lovers, although the drums are programmed to sound in every way unlike house. The bass kicks tap-dance around the meter on "Atom Funk" and rock out in a naked funk, Barkay style on "5500". On "Lara," there's a technique used to constantly shift the programming of the hi-hats and consequently take the groove in different directions. Downtempo instrumentals , such as the beatless elegy of rough organs and synths in "Un Pepe Qui Bugge," balance this otherwise joyously jazzy affair. (Versatile)