People for Audio The New Ancients

This Montreal band actually live up to their name, as this eminently re-listenable album keeps the surprises coming. Moving between standard instrumental tracks, some found sound experiments and epic indie rock, People for Audio put everything they have into this album. And, luckily, it casts a wonderful spell. "Hard Luck” is one of the more accessible tracks and its wide, open take on melodic rock is beautiful and moving. Adam Fiore’s vocals are the most significant change from their debut and they suck the listener in. "Captain” has an aggressive guitar that works quite nicely with the staccato drums and layered, wispy vocals. The band share a member with the Acorn, and both bands know how to squeeze every last drop of loveliness from their melody. However, it’s the absolutely epic "From City to Country” where this album makes its mark. A monster climax with slow burn layers of instruments and vocals, this is the track that brings the goose bumps and is destined to be the point in a concert where you close your eyes and let yourself be taken away. Long may these people fight for their cause. (Storyboard)