People Chasing People The Dayglow Light of Sleep

Press releases sometimes give unintended laughs and one of the better nuggets from People Chasing People’s press is that fact that their acronym is PCP. Even though the first thing that came to mind was a cheap Whitney and Bobby joke, an even better way to capitalise would be liken the sound to that crazy, crazy drug. Unfortunately this would be misleading, as People Chasing People lack the manic energy that a drug like PCP would, supposedly, instil in the listener. Instead, they straddle the fence between emo and post-punk, sometimes hitting the peaks of each, but also seemingly trying to put the two together and not always successfully. Dayglow seems to be back-loaded as this album never truly makes a mark until "A Sailor,” which is easily the album highlight. Starting off indie-rock sweet, it ends up in a throat-destroying screamo breakdown, finally giving this band some balls. "Willow” has a nice emo feel to it, showcasing Steve Trewitt’s very able vocals, and "One Cool Astronaut” finishes the triumvirate with a good dose of post-punk energy. There are plenty of good ideas floating around inside People Chasing People, but Dayglow reeks of a band still finding its sound, which is unfortunate because they have a pretty damn good song in "A Sailor.” (Milquetoast)