Peakafeller Outside the Box

What puts this album of ever-present banging funkiness in a place that’s "outside the box” is Peakafeller’s championship cross of electro house loops with rock guitars and vocals. And it’s not because this hasn’t been done before (it has) but because it hasn’t been done often and it’s rarely been pulled off so smoothly. Carrying a varied list of musical influences (from Beck to Armand Van Helden) and a pungent peppering of samples and lyrical ideas, Peakefeller demonstrates himself as an artist with a solid grasp on an array of music, with the ability to produce it into something whole and original. Hailing from Quebec City, Peakafeller has been gaining notoriety, playing consistent rave and club sets since he was 17. He earned his name at one of the first clubs he worked, for the "pique” shape that his hair used to carry while simultaneously and regularly rocking Fat Boy Slim’s "Rockafella Skank.” (Sound-Ink)