Paulson All At Once

With a tightly-wound musical approach that strikes a chord somewhere between the precision of Minus the Bear and the melodic sensibility of far more financially successful, un-punk musical acts, Paulson keep things almost simple on All At Once. With a focus on crafting songs that are simultaneously musically challenging and extremely catchy, the band rely heavily on the tastefully technical drumming of Jeff Widner, whose work on songs such as "Not By A Long Shot” elevates what could be a fairly standard pop song to a whole new, interesting level. Aided by drum machines and various synthesised sounds, the band consistently throw the listener for an aural loop, adding in an unexpected riff or atypical harmony whenever it is least expected. Never losing sight of the underlying melody of the song, Paulson avoid the trap of self-indulgence that such musical musing can often lead to. Without a weak song, All At Once is a highly ambitious, yet understated affair that succeeds on all accounts. (One Day Savior)