Paul Weller Collects Singles on 'More Modern Classics'

Paul Weller Collects Singles on 'More Modern Classics'
After issuing a steady string of solo albums these last 15 years, prolific English pop rock figure Paul Weller is now set to collect the best songs of the bunch for a new compilation called More Modern Classics. The greatest-hits package is due to drop June 3 via Harvest.

A sister set to Weller's 1998 best of collection Modern Classics, More Modern Classics picks up where the former left off, selecting cuts issued between 2000's Heliocentric up to 2012's Sonik Kicks. While including a number of favourites, from As Is Now's "From the Floorboards Up" to cuts from his acclaimed 22 Dreams like "All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You)," "22 Dreams," "Have You Made Up Your Mind" and "Push It Along," there's also some newer material to digest.

The recent "Brand New Toy" single, issued earlier this month for a Record Store Day release, is also included on the set. You can sample the selection down below in a new music video, which features the songwriter hanging out inside a kaleidoscope.

More Modern Classics:

1. He's The Keeper

2. Sweet Pea, My Sweet Pea

3. It's Written In The Stars

4. Wishing On A Star

5. From The Floorboards Up

6. Come On/Let's Go

7. Wild Blue Yonder

8. Have You Made Up Your Mind

9. Echoes Round The Sun

10. All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You)

11. Push It Along

12. 22 Dreams

13. No Tears To Cry

14. Wake Up The Nation

15.  Fast Car/Slow Traffic

16. Starlite

17. That Dangerous Age

18. When Your Garden's Overgrown
19. The Attic

20. Flame-Out!

21. Brand New Toy