Paul Rutherford Tetralogy (1978-1982)

A founding member of the Spontaneous Music Ensemble, Paul Rutherford was a key player in England's early free-improv scene. His unique approach to the trombone ― Rutherford was one of the first to incorporate multiphonics into his repertoire ― found him in high demand throughout his career. He participated in a variety of groups, including Globe Unity Orchestra and the many permutations of his Iskra project (which included both Derek Bailey and Evan Parker). Tetralogy features both solo and group recordings. The first solo set is augmented considerably with electronics, which provide a counterpoint to his horn playing and modify the sound of the instrument. Both a brass quartet and a standard trio are also included, showcasing Rutherford's ability to improvise alongside other keen players. Another solo set, this time without electronics, demonstrates the wide range of sounds he could wrangle from his trombone. (Emanem)