Paul Oakenfold / Various Perfecto Vegas

British-born Paul Oakenfold's 20th DJ mix album is bouncy and lively, albeit as predictable as ever. The two-disc work mixes in some obscurer electronic acts such as Barry Jay, Trenix and Joe Echo but altogether has a somewhat recycled quality that's often the pitfall of trance musicians. Tracks like "Kiss me Love" and "Wish You Were Here," which is surprisingly melodic, have that classic, energized Oakenfold sound that popularized him but at the same time, lack progression or purposive dynamics. While the song list is impeccable and carefully chosen, emphasizing Oakenfold's talent to spin out extremely danceable tunes, the inability to show innovation is a weak point. The album finishes off strongly with "Eclipsing the Sun," a bonus track that ends with a fat throbbing beat that brings Benny Benassi to mind. (Thrive)