Paul Motian / Chris Potter / Jason Moran Lost in a Dream

Drummer Motian's compositions have not been interpreted with greater empathy and respect than by saxophonist Chris Potter and new associate Jason Moran (piano). And phrases like "at the top of their game" don't indicate the depth of musicality and intensity of the group interplay happening on the trio's live Village Vanguard recording. The extrasensory rapport enables the kind of groupthink exhibited on "Drum Music," a tricky melody that evolves into solos played in breath-like "unison" phrases. The leader's "Casino," an enthralling theme rendered with genuine tenderness, gives way to an impassioned Potter solo that goes from hummingbird delicacy to lion roar brawniness; this is way, way deep stuff. "Lost in a Dream" is, well, dreamlike, floating on Motian's ethereal cymbals and Moran's chiming, rise-and-fall chords. This is evocative, eloquent and profoundly beautiful. (ECM)